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Multipower Italy Distributor Continues to Excel with Raywin Diesels
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Multipower S.R.L ,Our authorized distributor forRaywin Power Technology Co for the Italymarket continue with success in promoting successfully the Raywin Enginesacross various critical instillation's in Agriculture Pivot irrigation, MobileEmergency power and Critical care installations, "Says Marco MessoriProduct & Sales Manager of Multipower SRL " The Raywin Engine isproving a good success among the generator OEMs Visa Power and Genmac with moreto follow. Our continuous focus is to cover sprinkler / agricultural,Construction equipment and Marine Power with many OEMs Powering variousinstallations with this excellent engine. Says Rajesh Sadhu Vice President forRaywin Diesels " Our Diesel Engines are build to deliver reliable &effective Engine power when and wherever needed. Our EU stage V program is nowin critical stage of approvals and expect the launch scheduled for early2021."



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