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Raywin 3 cylinder powers High Speed Plant Transplanter of DIFISEKI
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The Raywin 3 cylinder 3C1104 powering theHigh Speed transplanter of Dongfeng Iseki Agricultural Machinery Co., LTD, DIFISEKI for short. The instillation was supported byRaywin application team closely working with the DIFISEKI engineers to ensure asmooth instillation.

Says Rajesh Sadhu our Vice President“Working in the wet fields especially when the engines come in contact with alot of rough terrains and muddy soil is always a big challenge for any engine.Raywin new 3C 1104 engines are built to ensure optimum and reliable performancein these conditions. These are powered with Stanadyne ECO fuel pumps. Currentlyare engineers are working hard to launch Stage V programme of these engines forour global customers.”


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