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Raywin diesel engine unveiled at the MEE
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Raywin diesel engine unveiled at the MEE

Raywin 4-cylinder Turbo model 4D24TG0 / A, 3-cylinder naturally aspirated model 3C11G3 / A  generator power, they are small size and compact structure. It uses the latest technology, good reliability, strong bursting capacity, low noise, low fuel consumption, meets Euro IIIA emission requirements, adapts to 10-40KVA commonly used generator sets, and is widely used in commercial centers, high-tech manufacturing industries, communications industries, Energy industry, overseas engineering, etc. The appearance at the Middle East Electric Power Exhibition attracted customers from Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries to stop and watch. They learned about Raywin 3C11G3 / A engine performance and use cases in detail, and communicated with Raywin staff in detail about project requirements.


In addition, Raywin 4D24TG0 / A is also a popular product for customers. The product is suitable for 40KVA commonly used generator sets. Its power stability reaches the world-class level, and its fuel consumption is low and its reliability is strong. Industry leasing and other preferred power generation fields.


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